Chrysalis Farm sponsors workshops and events related to the field of Energy Medicine and Spiritual Healing. If you are interested in having Chrysalis Farm serve as the location of a workshop or retreat, please click here. In this section you can learn about different workshops and events that are being offered at Chrysalis Farm, as well as learn about past workshops, presenters, and topics.

Upcoming Workshops
To be announced.
Past Workshops

April, 2002
Introduction to Integrated Energy Balancing
with Karin Cremasco and Beverly MacLean Stangeland

In this workshop, participants were provided an overview of the Biocomputer Emotional Spiritual Technique and focused on the basic principles of working with the model of the body as a computer while attending, supporting, and assisting the client to facilitate his/her own healing process at all levels. Participants also learned about the Healthy Awakenings system, in which participants learned different techniques for muscle testing which can assist them in muscle-testing themselves and others confidently and accurately. For more information on the Biocomputer Emotional Spiritual Technique contact Karin Cremasco, Ph.D., at For more information on Healthy Awakenings, contact Bev MacLane Stangeland at (563) 864-6012 or

May 2002
An Introduction to Animal Communication and Animal Body, Mind, and Spirit.

This two-day workshop featured nationally-known animal communicator Joan Ranquet-Jenkins teaching participants and demonstrating with animals how animals communicate with each other as well as how to improve human/animal relationships. This was an experiential workshop, in which participants worked through exercises designed to increase their telepathic sensitivities, as well as practicing these skills with animals at the workshop. The second day focused on the basics of energy work (specifically the bio-scalar wave) along with body work specifically designed for our four-legged friends. To contact Joan Ranquet-Jenkins for additional workshops or private readings with animals, visit

June 2003
Sacred Ceremony with the Inipi (Sweat Lodge)

This event welcomed Jorge ‘Redtail Hawk’ Arenivar to Chrysalis Farm to supervise the construction of an inipi and to lead a sacred sweat. Jorge is a Sundancer and trusted spiritual teacher in the Upland Hills Community. He comes to us from St. Louis and follows the red road of Native American consciousness and spirituality. He is a recognized ceremonial leader and has taught Native American consciousness and spirituality for over 15 years. His integrity is based on "Mitak oyasin" -- to stay in harmony with "all my relations.