straw bale home construction consultation service

David and Monika Eichler offer the service to individuals interested in constructing straw bale homes. Having worked closely with the architect and designer in designing their own straw bale home as well as serving in the capacity of General Contractor during the construction of their home, the Eichlers can share information which can help the interested straw bale builder to assess current strengths and weaknesses in a proposed project. The Eichlers will make recommendations which can help to further reduce the frustrations that many homebuilders may experience when building their own straw bale home, and will provide valuable suggestions which can help to not only keep you from going over your allotted building budget, but can also save you significant problems once your house is finished. Suggestions on how to reduce the energy consumption of the home as well as ways to significantly cut down on monthly utility bills will also be covered. To inquire more about this service, email David and Monika by clicking here.